Yoga and Nada Anusandhan

A workshop by Shruti Nada Poddar

July 2nd – 9th, 2017

Nada Vibronics Healing is a unique wellness system inspired by indigenous knowledge systems and intangible heritage for Wellness of The SELF, HEALING and CURE of disease.

SHRUTI will lead participants into the Vibrational understanding of Nadis and Chakras, and work with Breath, Sound, Music, Mudra and Mantra to learn cultural and traditional sciences of Brain-wave transmutation as well as other transformative techniques to activate and strengthen the multiple Pranic intelligences in the human body.

This workshop will also have morning and evening sessions of Yogic practices including cleansing practices, asanas and pranayama.

Essence of Nada Vibronics

  • Cure of Disease, Holistic Well-Being and Personal Empowerment
  • Simple and Practical Methods for Self-Healing
  • Recognising Our Energetics, Vibrational flux and disorders
  • Understanding Chakras and their Alignment with Human Body
  • Effect of Mantra on different planes and parts of our being
  • Simple Techniques of Thought Transmutation
  • Healing With SEED sounds
  • Mudra Pressure Healing
  • Nada And Visualization Therapies
  • Inner Travel for Healing
  • Harmonization of Attitudes at Home and Work

“The Sole Timeless Word That Carries Eternity in its Lonely Sound.”

Level I

Nada Vibronics Level I is a journey of discovering one’s personal vibrations through the Science of Nada. We recognise our Body Processes with Sound and other Vibrational tools and activate our energy centers for personal healing and self-empowerment.


Nada Beam Movement
Stress release
Increase in Concentration and Will power
Directed cure of disease
Raga Visualization
Effect psychosomatic and physiological changes
Effect of Vedic Chants
Altering brainwave states
Self cure through Japa trance
Beeja Mantra and Chakras
An introduction to the curative science of seed sounds through our energy centers
Nada Cleansing
Directing Prana with breath for cleansing and harmonising
Nada as The Microbe Of Cure
The healing microcosm within
Abstract Sound
The deepest power of mind

Level II

Nada Vibronics Level II explores planes and parts of the human anatomy with the body’s esoteric energies through an experiential understanding of Chakras & other energy systems. We learn to recognise our predominant Chakras and correct energy misalignments within us. 


Nadis, Chakras & Anatomy
Mapping the esoteric nervous system and energy centres to Human Vertebrae, as well as the Nervous and Endocrine Systems
Beeja Mantras (seed sounds)
Correcting body frequencies with the ‘Beeja Mantra’
Mudra Healing
Esoteric energy points on hands for activating energies
Nada And Visualization Therapy
The Nada Journey
Psychic travel – a journey beyond body consciousness

Level III

Nada Vibronics Level III is a two-day intensive that will deepen the ability of our self-therapeutic and manifestive power through the science of the Sri Yantra and the MERU and their holographic connection with the human body.

This level of Nada Vibronics is very intense and will be offered to aspirants who have completed Level I & II.


Sacred Geometry of Sri Yantra & the Meru
The Art and Sacred Science of the Shakti force
Meru and Human Planes
Mapping universal energies at the human level and learn the art of self and universal empowerment
Shakti Beejas Mantras
Learning powerful Shakti seed sounds aligned to the human body
ĪM” Vidya
The powerful manifestive forces
Meru Visualisation Therapies
Shakti forces and Inner cosmic journeys

Shruti Nada Poddar


Shruti Nada Poddar is globally known as a musician and a vibrational healer with Nada (Sound), as a Mentor, a Wellness coach, a cultural expert, educationist and faculty trainer, She is a cultural and wellness consultant and an exponent of heritage conservation, art history and Indigenous Knowledge Systems. She is also a policy influencer in tourism, art & culture, education, wellness and revival of heritage sites and sciences.

She is the pioneer of NADA VIBRONICS, the vibration-healing ecosystem for wellness and cure of autoimmune health conditions. Her healing sound ecosystems are used by individuals, medical, educational and research institutions worldwide. She has been conducting clinical studies on the effects of Indian Sonic Sciences(use of Beejakshara) on children with asthma and other lung disorders in collaboration with scientific research institutions. She has been awarded for her healing music and international relations by the Govt. of India and Diaspora institutions since 2002. She gives public talks with a contemporary approach in Indian wellness sciences, Indian Philosophy, Culture and Traditional Sciences, self-management and leadership.

She founded THE NADA CHOIR in Belfast in 2012 a multicultural Choir with participants from nine nationalities for promoting Inter-cultural harmony through world music

Ms Poddar e founded the SHRUTI FOUNDATION (since 2007), for promoting culture and indigenous knowledge systems, wellness, education, skills training and leadership, youth and women’s empowerment as well as global educational and cultural exchange programs. She convened the foundation’s WE-ASC Congresses annually since 2011, for global advocacy and knowledge exchange in holistic education, pedagogy, wellness, values and local learning paradigms. The Foundation launched the Vedaaranya Heritage Arts and Healing Festival in 2016 at Ramgarh Shekhawati, to promote Heritage and Indigenous sites, arts, lifestyles and ways of wellness, and to advocate the revival and wellness ecosystems.

Shruti Poddar is deeply involved in working with villages for the revival of indigenous heritage and knowledge systems and empowerment of local communities through Shruti Foundation’s “Ramgarh Village Revival Initiative”.

3rd July 2017

4th – 5th July 2017

6th, 7th, 8th July 2017

Workshop Schedule

7.00 am – 8.15 am: Asana
9.30 am – 12.30 am: NADA SESSION
12.30 pm – 14.00 pm:  Lunch Break
14.00 pm – 17.00 pm: NADA SESSION
18.15 pm –19.15 pm: Pranayama
19.30 pm: Dinner


Workshop Fee: Rs. 5000 (Accommodation and meals are extra)
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Dates – July 2nd – 9th, 2017

Check in – July 2nd, 1 pm onwards
Check out – July 9th, morning

Accommodation (Single)

  • Standard Room with community bath (Rs. 7,200 per week)
  • Standard Room with attached bath (Rs. 10,500 per week) – FULLY BOOKED
  • Executive Room (Rs. 11,600 per week) – FULLY BOOKED
  • Deluxe Room (Rs. 17,600 per week)

Accommodation (Double/Twin-sharing)

  • Standard Room with community bath (Rs. 12,000 per week)
  • Standard Room with attached bath (Rs. 15,400 per week) – FULLY BOOKED
  • Executive Room (Rs. 16,500 per week) – FULLY BOOKED
  • Deluxe Room (Rs. 23,100 per week)

Accommodation will be reserved on registration. The charges are to be paid on arrival.